Her words changed the world.

2012 Student Stowe Prize

Recognizing outstanding writing by United States high school and college students
that motivates action for positive social change

Tess Domb Sadof of Amherst Regional High School (Amherst, MA)

Hannah C. Morgan of the University of Maryland (Washington D.C.)

The two winners were honored at the Stowe Center’s Big Tent Celebration on June 5, 2012.  Annette Gordon-Reed, winner of the 2009 Pulitzer Prize in History, presented the awards, which included a $2,500 cash prize to Hannah Morgan, the college winner and a $1,000 cash prize to Tess Domb Sadoff, the high school winner.  The cash awards are funded by the Stowe Center.

Ms. Sadof’s winning entry took on the subject of bullying.  Her editorial, “Young Witnesses to Bullying Tess Domb SadofMust Be Part of Solution,” appeared in the Daily Hampshire Gazette.  Ms. Sadof argues that bullying is not just between bully and victim, and that those who witness bullying make a choice to ignore it or intervene.  “I am committed to using dialogue to build a community where individuals take responsibility to acknowledge, address and respond to injustice,” says Sadof.  In addition to her writing, Ms. Sadof formed the first-ever School Climate Group at her high school to fight bullying and create a safe environment for all.

Hannah Morgan 

Ms. Morgan, a budding journalist, submitted her entry from Street Sense, a newspaper sold by homeless individuals in Washington D.C., shining a light on the harrowing life stories of those living on the edge of society.  Whereas many avoid making eye contact with people living on the street, Ms. Morgan wandered the city talking to homeless people and learning their stories.  She gave voice to their struggles through a series of articles which were also published by the Huffington Post and DC Impact.  “I heard harrowing tales of survival through hypothermia season, hurricanes, drug abuse and family tragedies,” says Morgan.  “And through all of this, I solidified my commitment to journalism.”

Harriet Beecher Stowe recognized the injustice of slavery and was compelled to take pen to paper and write Uncle Tom’s Cabin.  The Student Stowe Prize winners carry on Stowe’s work by fighting for social justice in our time. 

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