ADA, Site and Structural Improvement Project


The work continues on the new gardens!  Supported by the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving Love Your Block grant, we have added phlox, black-eyed Susans, Joe Pye weed, spirea, milkweed, and more to attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.  Around the Sensory Garden, we added a new ceramic bird bath and a deep tone wind chime, hung in the Magnolia, that sounds lovely and will relax your mind.

Planting the Pollinator Garden with KNOX
KNOX apprentices
A new bird bath for the Sensory Garden
Chris and Ileia hang the new wind chime above the Sensory Garden












The work is underway!

After receiving the Love Your Block grant thanks to Hartford Foundation for Public Giving and the City of Hartford, the Stowe Center joined with KNOX to begin the work on Harriet’s Backyard.  KNOX apprentices and Stowe Center Staff & Garden Volunteers made great work: the veggie beds are already starting to produce, the Sensory Garden is blooming, and the Pollinator Garden has been expanded and ready for planting. The heritage rose bushes have been relocated to widen the driveway for busses and mobility supporting vehicles later this Fall.

In our buildings, we began by removing asbestos containing materials from the Katharine S. Day House and Visitor Center basements, and around eighteen exterior windows.

Pollinator Garden – Ready for planting
Love Your Block project lawn sign in front of two raised veggie beds
Sensory Garden, August 2023


With Support From:
  •      CT Department of Economic and Community Development
  •      National Endowment for the Humanities
  •      Norman and Nancy Beecher
  •      William and Alice Mortensen Foundation
  •      Hartford Foundation for Public Giving Love Your Block Grant
  •      National Trust for Historic Preservation
  •      McDonald Family Foundation
  •      Neighborhood Assistance Tax Act Program, Connecticut Natural Gas
  •      Private Donations