School and Youth Programs

Due to COVID-19 safety recommendations, social distancing requirements, as well as our ongoing concern for the safety of our staff and visitors, the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center is not serving group tours (adult or youth) until January, 1 2021. We are actively taking reservations for groups that plan to visit post January 1, 2021. Please contact Amy Hufnagel at Ahufnagel@stowecenter.org to plan your visit to the Stowe Center or to schedule a duel visit that includes visiting both the Stowe Center and the Mark Twain House & Museum.

While we are not offering guided house tours until 2021, there are a range of activities for individuals and groups in the parklike setting of the museums’ grounds. Click here for more information about outside programs that will start in July.  We can’t wait to see you in 2021!


Discover Harriet Beecher Stowe…

…internationally known icon of American literature, culture and social activism. Stowe’s bestselling anti-slavery novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin changed American’s views on slavery and contributed to the outbreak of the Civil War.

Help your students connect history to their own lives and today’s headlines. Tour Stowe’s Hartford home, a National Historic Landmark, and participate in extended learning programs where ideas turn into action.

All school programs support Common Core Learning Standards and the Connecticut Social Studies Framework.

Guided tours and programs are open to K-12 students. Programs can be adapted for college level students. Available year round by advance reservation.


Student Group Guided House Tour: $9 per student

Student Group Guided House Tour + Program: $10 per student

Complimentary admission for all teachers.

Chaperones receive discounted admission of $10 per adult.


Can’t make it to Hartford? Bring the Stowe Center to your classroom! A museum educator will engage your class in an open-ended conversation about Stowe’s life and work using primary source documents, photographs and a writing activity.
Contact us or 860.522.9258 x308.

Program Options

Inspiration to Action (Grades K – 5) Learn Stowe’s story, how she came to write Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and the power each of us has to make a difference. Stowe’s life and impact as a writer and activist will inspire your class to be engaged citizens. Students explore ways they can make a positive change in their school or community and complete a hands-on activity. Also available as a multi-week afterschool program.

Her Words Changed the World (Grades 6 – 12) Stowe’s life and impact as a writer and activist will spark class discussion on ways to take action. Using Harriet Beecher Stowe and 19th century activism as an example, students use letter writing to explore strategies for positive change today.

Into the Archives (Grades 7-12 and College) Learn about Stowe and her community through hands-on exploration of archival materials. Students perform close readings of 19th-century primary source. 

Liberty and Justice for All (Grades 8-12) How did people living in the U.S. define freedom and equality in the years leading up to the Civil War? Students analyze multiple abolitionist perspectives, putting Stowe’s writing in context with other influential 19th-century activists in order to understand the different ways people advocated for the end of slavery in the U.S.

Salons by Stowe (Grades 9-12 and College) Students participate in a dynamic 21st-century conversation-based program focused on race, class, and gender in contemporary life. Topics can include: building community, American culture, stereotypes, bullying, human trafficking, legacies of slavery, activism, or one of your choice.

Writing for Change (Grades 9-12 and College) Write in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s house! Through prompts, activities, and discussion, students learn how to use writing to bear witness, build empathy, and advocate for positive change. Workshops can be adapted to suit your group’s interests. 

Contact us for prices and scheduling.

Visit both the Stowe Center and The Mark Twain House & Museum

Harriet Beecher Stowe and author Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain) were 19th century next door neighbors! Students can visit both National Historic Landmark homes in one field trip. $20 per student includes tours of both homes plus one of the two programs below:

 Nook Farm Neighbors (Grades K-6) Students learn about the power of storytelling to create community through an interactive investigation of historic objects and documents. They explore the questions: What can we learn about the individuals who lived in Nook Farm through the museums’ collections? What stories might our own objects and documents tell about us and our communities?

Making an Impact: Stowe, Twain, and Activist Writing (Grades 7-12) Students discuss Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in context with other 19th-century activist authors. They explore the questions: How have U.S.authors used creative writing to effect social change? What does informed action look like, historically and today?


School Group Guidelines

Contact the Stowe Center as early as possible to reserve your preferred date and time. Please call or email to ask about tour and program accessibility.

As of August 1, 2019, the Stowe Center has a new invoicing policy. We now require a 25% deposit to be paid within two weeks of the date of the invoice, and the balance of your visit must be paid on or before the day of your visit. Final headcounts of all participants are due two weeks in advance of your visit. Cancellations within two weeks of the scheduled visit and no-shows are subject to a cancellation fee. Any payment questions should be directed to our Business Manager at (860) 522-9258, ext. 381. For the full invoicing policy, click here.

In the event that the Stowe Center or your school is closed due to inclement weather, we will make every effort to re-schedule your group.

If you will arrive more than 15 minutes early or late, please notify us at 860.522.9258 x317.

We can accommodate vans and individual cars in our parking lot at 77 Forest Street. Buses can drop off students at the curb in front of the Stowe House and then park on Forest Street.

Tours require one adult teacher or chaperone for every 10 students. Teachers/Chaperones are responsible for the group at all times.

Transportation Reimbursement

The Stowe Center has field trip transportation reimbursement funds available. To submit a request, please contact Amy Hufnagel at schoolprograms@stowecenter.org or (860) 522-9258, ext. 309.

General Information

Large backpacks, gum, food, and beverages are not permitted in the Stowe House. We provide bins to store bags and lunches. Your group is welcome to picnic on the grounds.

Allow time for shopping in the Stowe Museum Store for Stowe-inspired books, toys, jewelry and souvenirs.