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Nook Farm Book Talk - "Election"

Nook Farm Book Talk - Election by Tom Perrotta

Thursday, October 4, at the Mark Twain Museum Center
5:00 PM Reception; 5:30-6:30 PM Book Discussion

book coverNook Farm Book Talks, a collaboration between The Mark Twain House & Museum and the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center, continues with a discussion of Tom Perrotta's novel Election which demonstrates his astute observations of the adolescent experience.
The book is set in a New Jersey high school amidst a hotbed of political activity: students are voting for their school president. Perrotta's cast of characters convey adolescence as it often is--sometimes painful and frequently awkward. Tracy is the popular girl, smart and pretty, but she isn't quite as perfect as her classmates assume. A sordid affair with a teacher lurks in the shadows. Paul is the jovial football jock, but his parent's divorce has left him hurt and vulnerable. Then there is Paul's younger and geekier sister Tammy, the tormented underdog struggling with her sexuality.
The plot develops through a series of mini-chapters, narrated by the main protagonists. There are also frequent interjections from Mr. M, the all-around good teacher every kid loves. A genuine crescendo of excitement and anticipation consumes the reader, as we eagerly await who has won the election.

This is a novel of teenagers on the brink of adulthood, and is probably best appreciated by grownups with enough perspective on their own adolescent experiences to be able to take the bitter with the sweet.
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