Harriet’s Backyard Campaign

A Garden is a Place of Healing for the Soul. It would seem as if from the growth of leaves, and flowers, and shrubs, there exhaled a silent dew, which brought comfort to the heart blistered by the paltry suns of life…”
-Harriet Beecher Stowe, “Revelations from Our Gardens Seat” in The Independent, August 9, 1855.


We invite you to show your support for green space and community by making a gift to the Stowe Center in support of Harriet’s Backyard. The Stowe Center’s mission is to inspire commitment to social justice and positive change—help us celebrate community by providing a flagship green that is fully accessible and welcoming to all.


You Can Help Fund Positive Change Today!

Harriet’s Backyard Provides Barrier-Free Solace and Ecologically Diverse Greenspace.

The Harriet Beecher Stowe Center announces a flagship urban greenspace—the only one of its kind in the Asylum Hill neighborhood—which we are calling Harriet’s Backyard.

Breaking ground in May 2023, this space will be ecologically diverse and environmentally sound. It will offer neighbors, tourists, visitors, and staff an outdoor space to gather, relax, play, and reflect. Signage and interactives will also offer opportunities for all to learn about the historic Nook Farm neighborhood and the contemporary landscape.

We invite you to help create an outdoor place of solace accessible to all!  It’s supporters like you who make a difference!



You can help the Stowe Center with strategic priority projects and programs. Your generosity will make a difference. Your gifts and/or bequests of unrestricted funds will propel the Stowe Center’s mission to inspire commitment to social justice and positive change through vibrant conversations about Harriet Beecher Stowe’s life and legacy. Help us inspire change. MAKE A DIFFERENCE NOW.

Help the Stowe Center with these strategic priorities
  • Expand our social justice inspiration worldwide with the Stowe Prize for Literature of Social Justice Consequence
  • Amplify Connecting the Past to the Present with the Historic Collections Digitization Plan
  • Develop and Deliver Experiences that Inspire Positive Change and Empower Individuals and Communities

You can make a difference with your support of the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center. More funding opportunities are available. Please contact Karen Fisk, Executive Director, at kfisk@stowecenter.org.