Stowe on the Go: Bringing our Program to YOU!

Facilitating Common Ground for Common Good

Difficult conversations, well facilitated, can lead to
a better understanding of each other as human beings.

The Harriet Beecher Stowe Center presents Stowe on the Go: a program that facilitates difficult conversations using historical objects and nurtures common ground for common good. Revenue from this social enterprise directly fund the mission of the Stowe Center!

In a divisive, increasingly polarized world, the Stowe Center helps communities recognize and appreciate where they are united.

Stowe on the Go offers facilitated experiences to help hone deep listening and constructive conversational skills that lead to better understanding of each other. We use museum collection items to ground each conversation in historical context and provide a springboard for discussion that helps lead to common ground.

Our approach helps participants practice skills for engaging in difficult conversations with open minds and respect for difference. A Stowe on the Go experience leads to more cohesive groups that better understand each other. Our goal is for each person to say: “I will think about what you just said.”


Words are Powerful: Authority and Responsibility

Literary Activism Now

This experience explores the concept of sharing authority and taking responsibility. Through stories of historical literary activism, participants consider their institution’s role as a site of authority and reflect on what it means to be responsible to their associated communities. The experience aims to move clients toward drafting their own plan for building organizational equity.

Words Make the World: Word Choice

Literary Activism Now

This experience explores the impact of word choice on shaping perception as related to systemic injustice. Who names? Who is named? What impact can our own words have? And how can our use of words build a more just world now?

Common Ground for Common Good (COMING SOON)

Activists, Radicals, and Resistance

This experience explores how to consider and engage with wildly divergent political viewpoints, and how to share space, search for, and build common ground together. A toolkit for engaging in challenging conversations anchors this experience.

Revenue from this social enterprise directly funds the mission of the Stowe Center!


Interested in booking? Please contact Mariangie (Angie) Peña, Sales and Marketing Manager of Stowe on the Go.

Phone: (860) 522-9258 ext. 321

Email: MPeña@StoweCenter.org


“Stowe on the Go was a dynamic experience that led to profound conversation, …”

– Dave Jenkins, Financial Consultant

“The best parts of the Stowe on the Go experience are the moments of vulnerability.”

– Anna G., Nurse Practitioner

“The presenters are full of enthusiasm and knowledge.”

– Gertrude B., Retired Naturalist

“I loved the historical perspective, interactivity, and knowledge conveyed during the experience.”

– Evan W., Advertising Manager