The Media Gallery


Solitary VR Experience with Albert Woodfox



December 17, 2020


Solitary VR is a multi-media, sensory, digital work of art designed by Mackenzie Fox to “bring Woodfox’s words off the page” and give audiences a look into Albert Woodfox’s book Solitary (Stowe Prize Winner 2020).

It is designed to share ideas Woodfox learned and contemplated in prison as well as teach about the torturous and inhumane conditions of solitary confinement. The 8-minute experience takes viewers into a solitary confinement cell where they experience Albert Woodfox’s words and voice. Of the project Woodfox said, “No one has ever thought to design content for youth around my book and I think it is so important to use their mode of communication (VR)- especially since there are many juvenile prisoners who are subjected to solitary confinement. This is excellent.” This project was developed in collaboration with the UCONN Digital Humanities Lab and the Stowe Center is grateful for this innovative partnership.