Salons at Stowe


Criminal Justice Reform in Connecticut

February 18, 2016

Under Secretary for Criminal Justice Policy for Connecticut Mike Lawlor and Community Outreach Director for the COMPASS Youth Collaborative Iran Nazario led a conversation on changes in criminal justice policy. The conversation focused on Connecticut’s “second-chance society”, legislation reducing the number of people re-entering prison and creating pathways for those leaving incarceration and entering the workforce. Nazario added a personal perspective. When he was released from incarceration, he struggled at first. He described how society marginalizes and disenfranchises those who have been incarcerated by not providing opportunities when they are released. Nazario now leads Peacebuilders, a group of young people who intervene in violent or potentially violent situations. He said Peacebuilders exists because police officers may not have training or experience to mediate and intervene.
Inspiration to Action

  • Listen to those who have experienced incarceration
  • Work for legislation to help people returning from incarceration
  • Shift societal perspectives on incarceration: Are there other ways we can change behavior? Are there other ways we can rehabilitate those who have committed crimes?
  • Recognize that many individuals who commit crimes experienced trauma in childhood
  • Reform police officer training
  • Volunteer with programs that work to reduce recidivism — job training and education programs
Location Harriet Beecher Stowe Center
Doors Open 5-7 PM
Program 5-7 PM