Salons at Stowe


Unpacking White Privilege Workshop

July 21, 2016

Troy Brown, Manager with the Court Support Services Division, and colleagues Isabel Alvarez, Daisy Ortiz, and Meghan Korn, led a hands-on, interactive workshop on white privilege. The program included a “privilege walk”, a visual demonstration of how people benefit or are marginalized; a video highlighting racism in everyday scenarios; and conversation on how people with privilege can use it to combat racism. Brown emphasized the need for white people to talk to and work with other white people to end racism and bias in white communities.
Inspiration to Action

  • Acknowledge the existence of white privilege
  • If you have racial privilege, leverage it to work to combat and end systemic racism
  • If you are white, work with and organize with other white people to eradicate racism and bias in predominately white communities
  • Understand that having privilege does not mean you have no struggles, but it does mean you have certain benefits based on a piece of your identity that others don’t necessarily have
  • Read articles and books by writers of color; view films by filmmakers of color; focus on voices of people with diverse identities
Location Harriet Beecher Stowe Center
Doors Open 5:30 - 6 PM
Program 6 - 8 PM