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Students Writing with Impact
At this Salon, youth activists discuss engagement strategies and how their social justice writing has led to positive change in their communities. and[...]
Quakers, Anti-Slavery and Civil Rights
From Levi & Catherine Coffin to Bayard Rustin, Quakers, or the Religious Society of Friends, have a long-standing history of social activism. From[...]
Locking Up the Vote
Did you know that when convicted felons re-enter society they may be forever barred from voting?   Proponents argue that persons who commit have[...]
Sports Activism
How does athletes’ activism shape our cultural and political discussions?   Join the conversation with historian Amy Bass, author of ONE of[...]
Writers in Exile
Join the conversation with: Tuhin Das, Bangladeshi poet and activist who since 2013 has been the target of fundamentalist militant groups who have and[...]
Poetry as Activism
Join the conversation about poetry as a means of advocacy and expression and discuss Claudia Rankine’s Citizen: An American Lyric. Taking inspiration[...]
Life on Parole
In this PBS Frontline documentary, follow four former Connecticut prisoners as they navigate their first year on parole.   With unique access, to[...]