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Rebecca Bayreuther Donohue


Part of Sewing and Learning 2022: Harriet Beecher Stowe and the Politics of Pocket Purses

Employed to compensate for restrictive fashions and to address a range of social and cultural needs, pockets and small bags are a microcosm of complex political, gender, and race history.

 In our Sewing and Learning Workshop, participants can learn to sew and decorate a replica of a reticule, a kind of pocket purse, while immersing in the fascinating history of these small but significant objects.

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Rebecca Bayreuther Donohue, co-founder of the experiential learning collective Dirty Blue Shirts, is a living history consultant in southeastern Connecticut. As the 1876 Roleplaying Foreman at Mystic Seaport Museum, she built research and programming around maritime-based themes for over twenty years. In her dual capacity as head of the Period Costume Workshop, she maintained, acquired, and created historically accurate articles of personal adornment for multiple seasons, social classes, ages, and genders.