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Dr. Shirley Wadja


Part of Sewing and Learning 2022: Harriet Beecher Stowe and the Politics of Pocket Purses

Employed to compensate for restrictive fashions and to address a range of social and cultural needs, pockets and small bags are a microcosm of complex political, gender, and race history.

 In our Sewing and Learning Workshop, participants can learn to sew and decorate a replica of a reticule, a kind of pocket purse, while immersing in the fascinating history of these small but significant objects.

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Shirley Wajda has over thirty years’ experience in university teaching, public humanities, museum curatorship, and historical research and editing. She earned a Ph.D. in American Civilization and a Certificate in Museum Curatorship at the University of Pennsylvania. She is a scholar of protest fashion, and was selected to lead the Enfield Shaker Museum in 2019.