On Giving Tuesday, we will be giving away shoots of award-winning Heritage roses, grown right here at the Stowe Center. A starter shoot of  “Harison’s Yellow” rose (R.x harisonii) can be yours to grow in your own garden. This rose is extremely difficult to find, so this a rare opportunity for you to have your own.

As Giving Tuesday approaches, we will release more information about how to get your own on this page, via our electronic newsletter, and on Facebook and Twitter.

The “Harison’s Yellow” rose was bred by American attorney, George Folliott Harison, and introduced in the United States by Mr. Thomas Hogg – a florist and nurseryman – in 1825 as “Harison’s Yellow”.  This rose blooms in a hue of golden-yellow, has a beautiful lemon scent and can have up to 25 petals that form in a globular bloom pattern. The roses are of medium size with an average diameter of two inches. This plant can be quite bushy, climbing, very well-branched, and will grow from to three to eight feet in height. “Harison’s Yellow” is a once-blooming plant and will bloom in either the spring or summer.

This Giving Tuesday, we look to 2019 and our plan to restore the historic gardens and landscape on the Stowe grounds. Having just completed a multi-year restoration of the interior of the Stowe house, it is time to turn our attention to the gardens and landscape. For more than fifty years, the Stowe Center has followed the landscape plan created by former Connecticut Valley Garden Club (CVGC) president, Kitty Stevenson, in the mid-1960s. Stevenson’s plans carefully preserved select later property owner’s plantings and purposefully added plantings lost over time that were accurate to Stowe’s residence to create a layered landscape. We will continue this Stowe-focused preservation by reestablishing and fine-tuning the nine themed gardens, plantings, and hardscape surrounding the Stowe house.

We are grateful to the Connecticut Valley Garden Club for providing funding to launch this important project and to Marci Martin, ARS Master Consulting Rosarian, for consulting on this campaign.