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The 19th Amendment #1



November 3, 2020

Part of Triptych 3: The 19th Amendment: Isabella Beecher Hooker, Black Activism in CT Suffrage, and a History of the Right to Vote

Gender discrimination and racial inequality are an immense part of our national history. In this series, the Stowe Center team explores suffrage history as we celebrate the Women’s Vote Centennial Initiative.

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The first podcast is Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Susan Campbell reading excerpts from her book Tempest Tossed: The Spirit of Isabella Beecher Hooker. Isabella is the youngest of Harriet’s siblings and came into her own in a myriad of interesting ways as she navigates the political, social, spiritual and moral landscapes through her dedication to women’s rights. Joan Hedrick, author of Harriet’s definitive biography, writes, “With a journalist’s concision and eye for the vivid quote, Campbell captures Isabella’s quirky temperament and her passion for women’s rights.”