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The 19th Amendment #2



November 3, 2020

Part of Triptych 3: The 19th Amendment: Isabella Beecher Hooker, Black Activism in CT Suffrage, and a History of the Right to Vote

Gender discrimination and racial inequality are an immense part of our national history. In this series, the Stowe Center team explores suffrage history as we celebrate the Women’s Vote Centennial Initiative.

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In the second podcast, the curated series expands the familial point of view into Connecticut history in collaboration with the Connecticut Historical Society and Grating the Nutmeg podcast series produced by CTExplored. This podcast explores racial injustice in protest and organizing leading up to 1920 and onward for another forty years. For decades, states’ rights have suppressed women from voting by denying access based on literacy, race, and neighborhood through voter intimidation. Civil rights groups and individuals are continuing to fight voting laws they argue are discriminatory now.