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The 19th Amendment #3



November 3, 2020

Part of Triptych 3: The 19th Amendment: Isabella Beecher Hooker, Black Activism in CT Suffrage, and a History of the Right to Vote

Gender discrimination and racial inequality are an immense part of our national history. In this series, the Stowe Center team explores suffrage history as we celebrate the Women’s Vote Centennial Initiative.

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In the third podcast, the series expands yet again into the national discourse explaining the women’s right to vote timeline, from 1824-1920 in the USA, produced as part of the One Nation One Vote series. The Suffrage Movement (1824-1920) is celebrating its Centennial Celebration this year and the significance of the 100th anniversary is underscored by the fact that it took just shy of 100 years to bring about this change in law. The Centennial is also a worthy moment to evident that there is still much work to be done.