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Emergence 1


Part of Art for Social Justice and Positive Change

In 2020 and 2021, the Stowe Center commissioned two original works of art, one by multidisciplinary artist jackie sumell, director of Solitary Gardens, in honor of 2020 Stowe Prize winner Albert Woodfox, and the second by Judy Dworin of the Justice Dance Performance Project. These projects were designed to use creative expression to explore historical themes and social justice issues today. Both sumell’s Solitary Garden installation and Dworin’s collaborative dance and spoken-word performance, Emergence, address issues relating to incarceration and bridge community-based action with each artist’s creative impulse and practice, as discussed in the accompanying Salon.

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Running Time: 43:00

Featuring members of the Justice Dance Performance Project (JDPP) collective cast and returned citizens who participated in JDPP programs while incarcerated, Emergence 1 is a performance of original songs, spoken word, and dance that highlights what we need to learn to truly understand incarceration and emerge from it, as communicated through the beauty of the human voice and body. Both Emergence 1 and 2 are based on the authentic voices of JDPP program participants who reside in or have returned from prison.