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Rebecca Bayreuther Donohue


Part of Stowe Prize 2022

Explore how and why sentimental sewing—or adding a moral message—was used by Harriet Beecher Stowe, abolitionists, and activists historically as a way of speaking out at a time when their voices were often excluded from public forums.

Our Sewing and Learning Workshop includes discussion of the ethics of craft materials, a step-by-step craft instruction, research on the histories embedded in the abolitionist political stitch, and inspirational work from contemporary craft-activist, or “craftivist,” artists.

Download the sewing pattern

Kits are available for purchase through our online Museum Store.

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Rebecca Bayreuther Donohue, co-founder of the experiential learning collective Dirty Blue Shirts, is a living history consultant in southeastern Connecticut. Following twenty years as a museum professional, she now builds research and programming around maritime- and textile-based themes for historical and educational sites and cultural events throughout New England. She specializes in the reproduction of historical working wardrobes and knitwear to facilitate more meaningful connections with textile workers and artists from the past.