Emergence 2

Dance, Song, & Spoken Word

October 10, 2021


          Emergence 2 portrays the extreme isolation and confinement of incarceration while offering hope for a more open, just, and kind world.



Nourished by Harriet Beecher Stowe’s historic words about gardens and emancipation, interfaced with those of 2020 Stowe Prize winner Albert Woodfox, who endured 43 years of solitary confinement, joined with the voices of contemporary women and men both in and out of prison, Emergence 2 travels through the grounds of the Stowe Center and lands at the Solitary Garden installation by artist jackie sumellEmergence 2 is performed by members of the JDPP Ensemble and women and men who have returned to the community from prison, who in dance, song, and spoken word, tell a tale of confinement and transformation and what it means to emerge from prison.



Both Emergence 1 and 2 are unique experiences of isolation and freedom.


Registration for each program is required.



Production of Emergence is supported in part by the Edward C. and Ann T. Roberts Foundation and generous private donors. Emergence is a collaboration between the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center and the Judy Dworin Performance Project, Inc.

Location The Harriet Beecher Stowe Center/77 Forest St./Hartford, CT 06105
Doors Open 12:00 PM
Program 12:00 PM & 3:00 PM
Apr 24

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