Salons at Stowe


Into the Vault: Cat Scrapbooks!


March 27, 2024


Feline enthusiasts from the 1800s, unite! If you’re one of those web-wanderers who can’t help but fall head over paws for cats, then listen up! We’ve got a special treat for you – a salon filled with two antique scrapbooks dedicated entirely to cats! These gorgeous collections were put together over a century ago and fit right in with our modern-day love affair with our furry friends. But, have we really changed all that much?

Pet ownership, our associations with our whiskered companions, and our relationships with animals have all evolved over time. So, while we might be tempted to scroll through these scrapbooks and see the 19th century equivalent of hilarious cat memes, we must ask ourselves – how much can we truly relate to the past?


Location Stowe Center, Day House
Doors Open 5:45 pm
Program 6:00 - 7:00 pm