Stowe Prize in Place FAQ

I ordered the Experience Solitary package. What can I expect?
Your package will ship on Monday, July 6th via USPS priority mail. After that date, packages will be shipped within two business days of your order.

I ordered the Stowe Prize in Place package for one/two/four. What can I expect?
A package containing your copy(ies) of Solitary and VR goggles will ship on Monday, July 6th via USPS priority mail. During checkout, you will select your meal choices and choose pickup or delivery. Pickup will take place at the Pond House Café during a time window TBD on Sunday, October 4th. Delivery to your home is possible for a fee of $20 — this includes a tip for the driver.

I am a Stowe Prize in Place sponsor. What can I expect?
Harriet Beecher Stowe Center staff will be in touch with you about your packages and sponsor benefit details.

I ordered the Stowe Prize in Place Out of Towner package. What can I expect?
Your package will ship via USPS Priority Mail on Thursday, September 24.

I live in the greater Hartford area. Can I order the Out of Towner?
Of course!

Can I order a package as a gift for someone?
Yes! When you check out, select the “This is a gift” option and enter delivery details.

What is the delivery zone for the fresh packages?
Delivery is within a 50-mile radius of the Pond House.

If I order a package for two or more, do I have to host family and friends to watch, participate, eat and drink?
That’s entirely up to you! Host SPIP guests at your home or split a package with friends and watch alone.

How do I watch the broadcast?
We are still working on that detail, but can tell you that it can be viewed on a computer, smart TV, tablet, or smartphone. We will email your access code within 24 hours of the release on September 23.

How do I participate in the live Q + A?
Detailed instructions on submitting questions and accessing the live Q + A will be announced at a later date.

How can I see the Solitary Garden ?
The Stowe Center landscape is open to the public daily between dusk and dawn; you can visit at your leisure.

How do I experience the virtual reality program?
The best way to experience this program requires a smartphone and Google Cardboard-style VR goggles (included with SPIP packages). On July 12, we will release an app for Android and iPhone, free to download, to view it. The app release will be announced via email, on our website, and via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It will also be available to view on our website.