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Sewing and Learning 3
Rebecca Bayreuther Donohue, Stitcher and Pattern Maker, provides an overview and general orientation lesson to help you make your own hat from the not[...]
The 19th Amendment #3
In the third podcast, the series expands yet again into the national discourse explaining the women’s right to vote timeline, from 1824-1920 in the as[...]
The 19th Amendment #2
In the second podcast, the curated series expands the familial point of view into Connecticut history in collaboration with the Connecticut Historical[...]
The 19th Amendment #1
The first podcast is Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Susan Campbell reading excerpts from her book Tempest Tossed: The Spirit of Isabella Beecher is[...]
Unspoken Truths #3
The third installment of the Unspoken Truth series, recorded September 10, 2020, features Kimberly Kersey, Shanna T. Melton, Daryl McGraw, and Tiheba[...]
Unspoken Truths #2
The second installment of the Unspoken Truth series, recorded July 23, 2020, features Neville Brooks, Miriam Gohara, Brian Syms, and Jay Williams.[...]
Unspoken Truths #1
The first installment of the Unspoken Truth series, recorded June 23, 2020, features Dr. Jeffrey Ogbar, Godfrey L. Simmons, Donessa Colley and Ayesha[...]
Sick on the Inside
In this podcast, we share the work of the Urban Institute and their Critical Value podcast series. In episode #51 How Can We Minimize Coronavirus Risk[...]